Follow-up after Curative Therapy

Most recurrences occur in the first 2 years after curative therapy. 

It is recommended that surveillance should be used most frequent and intensive during this time. 

Surveillance includes the use of physical examinations by physician, tumor markers (blood tests), chest x-rays, and pelvic CT scans.  Follow up surveillance schedules are determined based on diagnosis and staging of tumor

It is very common for you to have a physical examination and blood tests (tumor markers) monitored every 3 months for the first two years following treatment.  A chest x-ray and pelvis CT scan usually is performed twice a year for the first two years.  These tests help to detect recurrence of cancer, spread of cancer to other areas in the body (metastasis), and new tumor; therefore, follow up care is very important. 

Please make an effort to keep all of your appointments and follow the instructions of your cancer care team carefully.  Report any new or recurring symptoms immediately.

Please see the schedule below for an example of a recommended follow up schedule.


Recommended Minimum Follow-Up Schedule for Post-Orchidectomy Surveillance, Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy:

Procedure              1 year           2 year           3-5  years     After 5 years
Physical Exam          3 monthly    3 monthly      twice/year        once/year  
Tumor Markers         3 monthly    3 monthly      twice/year        once/year
Chest X-ray               twice/year   twice/year     once/year         once/year

Pelvic CT scan          twice/year   twice/year     once/year         once/year